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Construction Safety Officer Training Course (accredited by ASTTBC) 

This practical, hands-on course is intended for experienced construction workers with an interest in safety management.

This training course is  accredited with the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC (ASTTBC) and is delivered by ER Plus Risk Management, Following the successful completion of this training course, students may apply to the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC (ASTTBC) for their certification. Only as a registered safety professional with ASTTBC will you have the sole legal right to use the “Protected Title” which will distinguish you as a safety practitioner registered with the only Professional Association in Canada awarding certification in construction safety. You have taken the training, why not earn the right to use the title and have every reason to be proud of it. For more information on how to apply for your certification with ASTTBC please go to;



1. Area of Primary Emphasis:  The area of primary emphasis is further developing the knowledge and skill in construction health and safety. More technical information and skills are explored and how they apply to the TSC program content.  
2. Secondary Emphasis: Secondary emphasis is further developing the student’s ability to identify and manage hazards, develop safe work procedures and work with the employer to meet regulatory standards. 
  • Students will examine hazards, applicable regulations, and safe work procedures relating to construction activities.  
  • Course activities will include case studies, simulations, guest presentations, reading and written work.  Students will work individually and also in groups. 


  • Physical fitness verified through a medical exam or Statement of Fitness (WorkSafeBC) 
  • Minimum age is 19 years old
  • Knowledge of the English language to the level of successfully completing the course readings and assignments
  • We do highly recommend that the applicant has a current OFA Level 3 certificate.


Upon registration we ask that you read and send in the completed application package below:

CSO Training Course Student Registration Package

Contact the Office for More Information: 1-250-385-3223 or visit the following link:

The ASTTBC CSO Certification Program

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