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Parmedic In Industry (PII)

This 4-hour workshop is designed to acknowledge the training and knowledge of Licensed Paramedics. It is intended to be a practical application of skills required when practicing as an Occupational First Aid (OFA) Attendant.

Successful completion of this workshop will lead to a certificate that allows the candidate to practice within an OFA Level 3 Attendant’s scope of practice. This certification is only valid when the Paramedic has current Licensure as an Emergency Medical Responder, a Primary Care Paramedic or an Advanced Care Paramedic. 

The employer must have written agreement with a Physician licensed in BC, to act as a Medical Director, for a Paramedic to practice above the skill level of an OFA Level 3 Attendant. Without this agreement, the Paramedic must only practice up to and within the scope of practice of an OFA Level 3 Attendant. 

All Paramedics working as an OFA Level 3 Attendant, must accept responsibility for ensuring they are knowledgeable about the roles and responsibilities of an OFA Attendant as well as the assessment, treatment and transport expectations of BC employers. 

In order to help prepare for employment as an OFA Attendant practice sessions are included in this Practical Workshop to focus on the information needed to perform the duties of a Level 3 OFA Attendant in BC. 

The general areas of OFA Attendant practical skills covered in this Workshop include:

  • The Priority Action Approach to an injured worker who walks to the FA Room
  • Assessing, cleansing, dressing and bandaging minor open wounds
  • Completion of the First Aid Record
  • Deciding on the need for referral to medical aid
  • Providing follow-up care for injured workers
  • Treating an Activity-related Soft Tissue Disorder
  • Conducting an eye examination
  • Treating sprains and strains

Prior to the Practical Workshop the candidate must complete the required home study modules from the Occupational First Aid Reference & Training Manual and hand them in prior to the start Practical workshop. Completion of the home study modules is part of the certification process and the workshop will not be considered complete without them.

During the Practical Workshop, the OFA Level 3 Instructor will evaluate competency and administer a written examination. 

Upon successful completion of the Practical Workshop, certification will be issued by the Agency. This certification will be valid for 3 years or until the expiry of the Attendant’s EMA Licensing certificate.

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